Equifax Public Sector Gateway - Investigate allows operational departments across central government, district, borough and city councils, police and law enforcement agencies to perform investigations and make informed decisions on debt management and collection.

<p>Equifax Public Sector Gateway gives clients access to a wide range of reports based on the needs of public sector clients. INVESTIGATE is a key component of Equifax Public Sector Gateway, the reports available are Pre-investigation, Full Investigation and Debt Management.</p>
All the reports our public sector clients need, Clients save time by not having to log into different systems.
Reports are designed according to the operational needs of the public sector.
Reports are proportionate to, and focussed on the need and do not include lots of unnecessary data.
Equifax has unique data assets, an in depth knowledge of the data, and understands how best to use it for matching purposes.
Key Features
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      Identify individuals

      Helps our clients to identify individuals where incomplete names or addresses are all that is known.

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      Confirm where someone lives

      Helps our clients to confirm where someone lives, tracing an individual who has moved from their last known address.

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      Protection against fraud

      Offers protection against fraud by verifying someone’s identity, personal data and circumstances, confirming whether they are who they say they are.

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      Identify commercial links

      Identifies commercial links between an individual and a business they may be a director of, which may reveal new leads to investigate.

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      Improve debt collection

      Can improve debt collection by providing details of an individual’s financial status and the likelihood of recovering the debt.

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      Tailored reports

      Enables the client to access reports specifically designed to their operational needs, e.g. Single Person Discount report.

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      View detailed reports

      Helps our clients by giving them access to granular data within our reports.

Use Cases
Equifax Public Sector Gateway - INVESTIGATE supports a number of key use cases for the Public Sector:
  • Pre-investigation - Saves time searching for information from different sources
  • by providing a high level summary of an individual in one report
  • Full Investigation - Provides a more complete overview of an individual than a pre-investigation report, including more sensitive data such as bank account number, a list of residents and a property valuation.
  • Debt Management - Enables you to gain a detailed understanding of the individual’s financial status and assess their ability to repay the debt.

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