<h2>Information regarding new products and functionality on the Equifax UK Developer Portal.</h2>
<p>Last updated 2nd February 2022</p><!-- by Catherine Hood -->

New Products

Equifax Insurance Gateway (August 2021)

Equifax Insurance Gateway is a data hub that can provide access to Consumer, Commercial and Claim data all within one data call. Designed specifically for the insurance sector, Equifax Insurance Gateway supports parallel processing to enable the rapid responses required by insurers, particularly at point of quotation. Click here for details.

Public Sector Gateway (November 2021)

Equifax Public Sector Gateway gives clients access to a wide range of reports based on the needs of public sector clients. These reports help clients to find, verify and investigate individuals and any commercial links for a number of purposes. Such purposes include detecting fraud and error, confirming eligibility, informing debt recovery and building criminal investigations. Click here for details.

XML Consumer (December 2021)

Providing the Consumer XML calls through Apigee, but keeping them on XML format. For existing XML Consumers no changes are required; new users will need to register through the portal and will be able to view a suite of reference material on the portal to assist their deployment of the Consumer calls.

Product Changes

Product Endpoint(s) Version Sandbox release date Test release date Live release date Change type Change details
Business Search and Report https://api.sandbox.equifax.co.uk/commercial-companies/v1/companies/{companyId} TBC 22/9/21 TBC (was originally deployed on 8/10/21 but this was reverted) Additional field New date format field in the "financialAgreements" section of the "insight" data block named "defaultDate".

Coming soon


Luminate is the definitive fraud prevention solution that uses advanced analytics, machine learning and intelligent data orchestration to create meaningful insights. These insights can help risk managers simplify, clarify and speed identity verification and authentication checks. Fraud decisions can now effectively be managed across the consumer account lifecycle.

New Functionalities

App Owner Change (02/02/2022)

App owners can now change the ownership for the app to someone else. This change will benefit both internal and external users when the app owner is no longer associated with the account. It will also reduce time for API Dev and helps with security concerns.

Adding IPs to Whitelist (02/02/2022)

Improved functionality for adding whitelisted IPs so it's more intuitive.

Password Reset Update (02/02/2022)

The password reset functionality has been updated by dimming the Save button until all rules have been appeased, and the error messages have been updated to match the Registration messages.

Contact Us Page (02/02/2022)

The Contact Us page has been enhanced to include instructions on how customers can get support for UAT and Production issues.

Hiding, Deactivating, and Deleting Apps (02/02/2022)

Users can now clean up their dashboards by hiding apps they don't want or need to be displayed on their dashboard, and they can deactivate or entirely delete apps they no longer need. Hiding simply places the App in the Hidden tab, where it can be shown again. Deactivate stops production traffic, if it is setup, for a period of time, but can later be reinstated. Deleting removes the App entirely and also halts all production traffic.