BillPay API enables Equifax to support Billing Services across all lines of business.

BillPay Payment Gateway is a SaaS solution that provides businesses the ability to roll out quick digital billing, quote price, revenue and collection/debt management features with easy to integrate APIs and services across regions.
Boost Efficiency
Save time and resources by using the provided library of services provided. Less to worry about maintaining compliance with all major regulations including GDPR, PSD2, and PCI DSS.

Offers businesses an easy option to connect their e-commerce platform and store the minimum data required for business processing. It provides clients with the following:

  • What data they want to store.
  • Choose the features they want to use.
  • Clients have flexibility to integrate with their system using our lightweight proxies.
  • Proxies supporting different messaging formats.
BillPay follows Equifax’s encryption and tokenization security technologies that help protect your business by keeping sensitive information outside of the Equifax network.
Key Features
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      Businesses can leverage digital billing services to manage subscriptions, track revenue, offer best pricing and quote prices to customers.
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      Businesses can just plug-in these services to their applications, shopping carts, analytics services, ecommerce platforms, and billing applications.

Use Cases
BillPay API performs following operations:
  • Enable Equifax to support digital billing services across all lines of business and also can extend to customers.
  • Supports clients across regions, multi-currency and localization.
  • Supports consistent business and reporting processes.
  • Transform billing and payment services into digital platforms.
  • Digitalize Billing and Payments services to support multi-tenancy architecture.
  • Enable publicly consumable services and API’s.
  • Re-platform infrastructure and utilize AWS features to agility, real-time monitoring and auditing .

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