Real-time insights for the commercial lending and credit market

<p>Business Search &amp; Report forms part of the Equifax Business Insights service, and provides a delivery mechanism for business entity data including raw data, scores and related characteristics formed from a number of relevant data sources.</p>

Equifax is the trusted source of highly configurable commercial insights


Delivers Commercial Credit Data Sharing (CCDS), which is an extensive repository of credit performance data that offers lenders granular and up-to-date financial information on UK businesses


Increased depth of information on which to base lending decisions Real-time data helps improve the speed of application processing and decisions

Key Features
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      Inform your business credit decisions

      Equifax Business Insights provides a depth of insight on the business allowing you to make better informed, robust and profitable lending decisions

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      Reduce cost of manual underwriting or AML checks

      With access to granular real-time commercial insights, this increased insight will help you reduce the reliance on costly manual processes, leading to increased profitability

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      Online application processing

      The delivery of real-time data facilitates online processing helping to speed up and standardise your customer boarding processes while also reducing reliance on costly manual processes.

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      Gain vital data insights

      Equifax Business Insights provides data insights, characteristics and scores which can be used to power scorecards providing you with a tailored and holistic view of your business customers.

Use Cases
The Equifax Business Insights services can be used to inform:
  • Business credit decisions
  • Regulatory compliance checks
  • Customer management evaluation

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