Real-time identity, fraud and compliance services

<p>Equifax provides Identity, Fraud and Financial Crime products for real-time application and<br /> onboarding checks. It enables organisations to build simple identity and digital trust journeys<br /> across the customer lifecycle to help them say yes to more customers whilst managing risk.</p> <p><br /> Using our Identity, Fraud and Financial Crime products, businesses can give users fast, simple<br /> and secure access to their products and services, with the confidence they are using<br /> comprehensive, accurate data and the latest technology to minimise fraud losses and meet<br /> regulatory requirements, without sacrificing the customer experience or limiting aspirations for<br /> growth.</p> <p><br /> APIs provide single access points for businesses to securely send and receive data from<br /> Equifax to create one identity and assurance journey without the complexity of managing<br /> multiple providers.</p>
Say yes with confidence

By building a greater degree of confidence and assurance in identities they are
checking, businesses can say yes to more customers, confident in the knowledge
that they are mitigating risk in line with their identity and fraud policies.

Improve the consumer experience

Simplify, clarify and increase the speed of identity verification matching and
assurance for reduced friction, increased acceptance rates and a consistent
consumer experience.

Cloud-based and scalable

The cloud-based solution enables simple delivery of multiple services. It is also
the foundation for a platform that can expose new product features for easier
consumption without disruption, ensuring Luminate is ever-evolving with new

Key Features
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      Identity Verification and Authentication

      Identity Verification: We have over 1bn data items to support identity and the
      associated risk process. Using name and address matching, personal attributes
      and bank account verification our customers can verify that the identity exists and
      is valid.

      Knowledge Based Authentication: Using a series of highly configurable
      knowledge based questions based on a variety of data sources, customers can
      gain further assurance that an identity is authentic.

      Email: Analyse email addresses against a database of email address metadata
      and the world’s largest list of categorised domains to deliver an email address
      risk score that indicates the likelihood of fraudulent transactions associated with
      that email.

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      Biometric Document Verification: Using biometric document verification, users
      can prove their identity by digitally validating recognised documents like a
      passport or driver’s licence. The user experience is simple, fast and secure, and
      can check for document legitimacy, facial recognition and liveness.

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      Digital Trust

      Device Risk: Analyse device characteristics and behaviours linked to a device
      and spot irregularities that could indicate potential signs of fraud.

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      Web Interfaces for client and consumer users

      Simple web-based interfaces designed using customer feedback to ensure they
      are simple, intuitive and effective.

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      Services integration

      Data and services are orchestrated in the cloud and delivered via APIs for easier
      integration into an organisation’s identity and trust journey.

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      Unique data assets

      The breadth, depth and quality of data available from Equifax combined with
      specialist third parties enable accuracy across identity, fraud and compliance

Use Cases
Luminate is for businesses that need to:
  • Validate the identities of new applicants
  • Detect new application fraud
  • Verify returning customers
  • Analyse and review marginal declines
  • Report on accept rates, risk and fraud

Types of businesses or industries that use Luminate include:
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Communication
  • Retail
  • Digital Media
  • Utilities
  • Auto
  • Insurance
  • Other businesses that requires a legitimate and verifiable identity to access its products or services

Groups most likely to benefit from Luminate:
  • Performance led and strategic stakeholders (CXO, channel leads, customer-facing roles)
  • Fraud stakeholders (operational roles, incentivised to protect from risk)
  • Compliance (legal and regulatory rules led)

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