Instant Verification of Employment and Income

Verification Exchange forms part of the Equifax Workforce Solutions business, and provides an efficient and consistent view of an applicant's employment and income status, increasing the speed of decision making and improving the customer experience.

A standardised verification process means a greater efficiency in credit approval and the underwriting process.


Verification is completed quickly even when employer is closed. An automated verification process helps to speed up the verifier decision with real-time data.


Verifying employment and/or income can provide a broader picture of credit-worthiness and ability to pay.

Key Features
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      Informed consumer credit decisions

      Verification Exchange provides an improved view of an applicant's credit-worthiness and ability to pay.

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      Verification Exchange provides verifiers with an automated process which helps speed up their decisioning time using real-time data that they can access without a customer interaction.

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      Customer Experience

      Verification Exchange puts less burden on the customer and delivers a standardised verification process, which results in greater efficiency in the underwriting process and reduces the risk of customers leaving and buying elsewhere.

Use Cases
Verification Exchange can be used to inform:
  • Retail credit decision
  • Pre-employment screenings
  • Debt management

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