A fuller and more detailed User Guide can be downloaded here. For our Open Banking solutions, please click here.

Register for an Account

Once you complete the initial registration form*, you'll receive an email with a link to validate your registration and to create a password. Then you’re free to access each product’s technical specifications and add product subscriptions.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re planning (or even considering) to “Go Live,” contact us to discuss our access requirements so we can get the process started and keep you moving along.


Viewing the API specifications

Once registered, you can view the API specifications from the API Specifications menu item, then click on the product you are interested in.  The YAML file can also be downloaded, by clicking the Download button next to the text "Download API specification:".  The downloaded YAML file can be used by a tool such as Swagger (available at http://editor.swagger.io/) to build the API requests.

Subscribe to a Product

As a registered user, you can add and manage product subscriptions.

  1. Subscribe to a product by clicking Your Name along the horizontal nav bar then select My Company, Company Subscriptions and Register New Application
  2. Give your application a name, and click Submit
  3. Select the products you’d like to connect to your subscription and click Submit. Always include "Security Service".
  4. Go to Company Subscriptions, then click on the version number of your application, to access the automatically-generated IdAMS credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) associated with that subscription


Ready to see the API in action? Generate simulated results using our test data in the Sandbox
1. Access the IdAMS credentials through Company Subscriptions
2. You might need to add a certificate into Postman, if you are using it. Click here for instructions.
3. Code and test the responses using the provided test data.  The downloadable file for Postman (available from https://www.getpostman.com/) includes a description file to explain which requests will return which responses (for example, how to return an error message)

Test Environment

If you’re interested in building your own test cases to run in our Test environment, contact us so we can provide the access requirements and get you set up, or click Request Test from the Company Subscription Details screen. Please note: Test IdAMS credentials are required for promotion to Test.

Go Live

Already tested in the Test Environment and ready to go live? Please contact us and we’ll get you up and running as quickly as possible, or click Request Live from the Company Subscription Details screen.

Adding your colleagues

The first user to register on the portal for a company will have the Company Admin role, which allows that person to:

  • Add/Edit/Delete Company Product Subscriptions
  • Add/Manage Company Developer Product Subscription Access
  • Access Test Environment (with approval)
  • Access Production & Go Live (with approval)

In addition, extra Developers can be added.  These persons will be able to utilise the subscriptions created by their Company Admin.

To add a Developer, go to the My Company menu, click on Company Developers, Invite and enter their email address(es).  They will receive an email inviting them to click on a link to activate their account.